Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca is without doubt the most colourful Malaysian city.

The Portugese who occupied the city for 100 years from 1511 and the unique history has left its marks. The deceiving narrow facades of the houses which could extend back over 200 feet with high-ceilling rooms and courtyards are apparently the result of quaint Portuguese colonial tax law (which determined tax payable according to the width of the building).

The unique Baba-Nyonya microculture is a romatic legacy of the Chinese Princess Hang Li Po (sent by the Ming Emperor) who married Sultan Manshur Shah (her 500 attendants married the locals).

Winter Real Estate

winter real estate

Buying a winter real estate has become increasingly popular and practical for a year round vacation home, 2nd home or primary residence. It is a lifestyle investment and buyers have never been so spoilt with choice whether he/she is looking in Hokkaido in Japan, Colorado in the US or Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Rhone, Isere and Ain in the French Alps.

Venice Real Estate

Venezia real estate

Imagine a city without car and an unparalleled way of life - the average Venetian crosses 40 to 50 bridges daily to go about his or her daily life. Napoleon called the Piazza San Marco "the greatest drawing room in Europe". Simply taking the No. 1 vaporetto down the Grand Canal or spending a lazy afternoon at the Florian watching the world goes by and the acqua alta ('high water') are experience not to be missed.

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